The skills and experience I've gained by creating films, motion graphics and frame-by-frame animated shorts enable me to work comfortably in a digital landscape of movement and interaction.

I've directed live-action shorts, worked on commercial sets, written and directed my own no-budget feature film in Tokyo, and created animated shorts for The School of Life which have been viewed roughly 3M times. I also run a YouTube channel where I experiment with analysis, creative demos and interviews. Writing, storyboarding, directing, motion design and animation are but a few of the skills I've picked up along the way.

My experience in film and motion has primarily taught me how to tell a story, direct a project, empathise with viewers, guide attention, work with film/animation crew, and think outside the box to achieve creative solutions.

View work below

FIFA Song Reveal | Art Direction & Storyboarding

School of Life | 2018 | 357K views | Animator

Clay Hands | 2019 | Director & Editor

Prince of Egypt Analysis | 19K views

School of Life | 2018 | 1.2M views | Animator

School of Life | 2018 | 171K views | Animator

School of Life | 2018 | 1.3M views | Animator